Hi everyone:

I have a unique professional problem that I’d love your input on. I have an interview coming up for an IT service specialist position in Seattle, WA. My position will encompass all sorts of things, from building machines to diagnosing system failures to helping people fix their computer problems over the phone.

I’m really excited about the opportunity and I consider myself highly qualified, but I’m not sure what the interview is going to be like. I have been doing desktop support and networking work for years, but I was promoted into the position. I never interviewed directly for it, so I don’t know what to expect during the interview. I’d love some advice.

1. The opening is at a state, not corporate, institution supporting a whole range of personnel, from novice end-users to experts. What should I expect the interview to be like?

2. What sort of questions might I be asked? What should I be prepared to answer?

3. Will there be any “tests?” – any “What would you do in the following situation?”

4. What materials, if any, should I bring to the resume? Copies of my resume and lists of references, surely. What else?

5. What things should I be sure to emphasize? What are the things to avoid saying or doing?

Any other advice would be really appreciated. If you have any questions, too, post them. Thanks!


Hi have been doing some interviews, and they are stressful. So try to relax alittle and try to think of some acheivments you have acomplished. That may be one reason way you have been selected for this interview. So think about how you would answer thoes questions. And practice your answer over and over so you do not become toung tied. Here are some questions i have been asked
What is my biggest acomplishment.
What was my biggest disapointment.
And what would you have done different.
What is a typical day like for me at work?
How did I handle a upset client.
What are two or three of my best qualities?

It's always good to have extra resumes, references, recommendations, and you have something to hold on to.
again practice your answers, it really helps.

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