I'm not sure where i want to go. I have alot of interests, and am good at alot of things (art, math, computer, science) but i'm lost as what to do. I want to achieve alot, and i've been having good fun with chemistry, so maybe thats what i will want to do?!?!?!

lol, but my question is...who here has College experience, (in the CA area i guess) and what would you suggest?

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Hey Killer,

Having lived on the left coast for 20 years, I guess I can give you some advice. I happen to have a degree in Chemistry and never used it (but it was my best subject in university). I ended up working with computers and eventually in the marketing of them. I suppose the lesson here is that it doesn´t matter what you major in as long as you enjoy going to learn something. What you do with it ends up part karma, part faith, part luck and how much money you want to make. Doubt that helps you much but there it is...

One of the best in CA is Stanford...plus they have great climbing walls on the buildings

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