So does anyone know what Gogle Carabou (spelling?) is, or has heard of it? I was at Ad:Tech NYC this week, and went with a friend to one of those private AdWords optimization sessions. As we walked over to the AdWords rep's laptop, we caught a glimpse of something that said Google Carabou and it looked something like GMail?? My friend asked about it and the guy just instantly minimized the window ... he didn't close it out entirely, which obviously meant he was in the middle of working on something, which leads me to believe it really is the codename for Gmail. Hmm ... anyone?

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Pre-Beta name for Gmail. Yep Yep That's what it was. I'm going to see if I can dig up some more info on it though is someone seems to be working on it.

OooOo I love a challenge. There are only two references to it on Google search

Both refer to that link.

So I guess I was on the right track. It was actually my friend ... he goes by Promediacorp around here ... who initially spotted it. So I just have to give him kudos!! It looks as if they are reusing the GMail name - why else would he have been using it and been so hush hush when he minimized it ;)

I know. That only makes me want to find out what it is too. Well I guess I'll get the 411~eXchange busy on digging up information. :)

I'll have something by the end of the week. Maybe they'll open up a school or something :P

When I log into my Google Account, the sidebar has an option to Delete all account info and it links to

There is a second option to Delete Gmail Service and it links to

well.. shucks, Dani... I'm sorry I forgot to post my findings.

Ok it looks like it might be a couple of things.

A friend found that they mail be using it as an inside way of updating Gmail until the final release (couple of months away now).

They may be using it for something new in the Mp3 downloading area. <-- that would be cool.

But the most common result look to be. The first one, plus.. it's being used as Google Employees email. With the updates that haven't been released. Sort of like they are the trial users :P

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