Suppose a site generates all of its revenue via Google AdSense. Is it best to put an AdSense banner in the same spot consistantly throughout the site? Or is it best to use different variations of the ad size and ad placement on different pages? Which is more user friendly? Would the latter provide a better CTR?

I am not looking to increase a clickthru rate right now. Instead, my goal is to provide a more user friendly and intuitive interface for surfing the site, while not having CTR drop.

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The only way to find out, is test it.

Running a week or two week trial on the different formats would reveal to you all your information.

Visitors of the site would most likely ask you to place them all in one place, so they can avoid ad links.

Constant Battle: Money or Happy Visitors

If you put advertisments in the same place, people will tend to not even look at it. It will be sort of zoned out... like the "ad section" of the site.

Dani I think I have mastered the tactic of blended user friendly with moving ad placement around on different templates.

You just have to make it flow into the forum.

You don't have to give us specifics, but can you give some broad examples of old placement vs new placement, and whether performance has increased by an order of magnitude, etc.?

Do you know if this type of marketing can get you good profits and sales. I am looking of extra option. I have tried various website marketing and they work
Has any one tried Ip broadcast / or fax marketing deos it work
One Marketin method that I am sure works and gets me many customers is Targeted email marketing.
What is your experience on some of these marketing methods

Matt D

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