Finally, I am ranking highest for (bctutor dot com) on yahoo. No response from google though. It seems very strange that I don't even have 1 pagerank on google. I can't find my site at all on google. Can anyone give any suggestions?

It seems like my site got banned from google's indexes and I have no idea why or what should I do now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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To find out if you are included in google, type in the following:

If 0 results are returned, you are not indexed.

To find out if you are banned, download the Google Toolbar. A grey bar means you are banned. Have you tried any overagressive blackhat techniques that would lead you to believe so?

If it's a new site, you are probably stuck in the Google Sandbox. A site that is Sandboxed will show up using the "site" query, as pointed out by Avi, but it will not rank well for any competitive phrases for 5 to 8 months, and sometimes up to a year.

If it's an older site, it may be heavily penalized or banned.

If your site is kicked out of the index for 'whatever' it will usually come back after 60 days if the thing that triggered the penalty has been removed. You also can send them a reinclusion request email to after you have cleaned up your site. If you are still having problems after emailing them a few times you can call them at 650-330-0100.

I have learned that Google is experimenting with a new email notification system that tells members "why" they were banned. Hopefully we all never recieve this email!

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