i hope that i have summited this in the right area,sorry if i havent, i would just like a little bit of advise, i would like an apple as my next machine and i dont want to spend a too much on a new system, i have read a few good reviews on it. i dont do any intense work, however i would like to develop my web skills as i already have Dreamweaver, i would like to know whether this is a good choice for that sort of work without paying loads.



It'll be fine, but more RAM would definately be a good move - Dreamweaver can be a bit of a hog :) .
Get as much as you can afford, there's a 1 Gb limit in the mini, but that's plenty, 512 Mb is pretty much a minimum working level.

Up until 2 months ago I used a 400 MHz G4 machine for professional web-design work (running Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS and MS Word simultaneously all day long) with no problems at all and the mini beats that machine by miles on performance. Mind you, I do love my new G5 :)


thanks for that i was a little unsure about it coz i have never owned a MAC before, and just wanted to see whether it was a good move. i think that i will go for one now with more ram of course.


well i just bought a mini, and i´m pretty impresed how it has integrated in my digital life and viceversa.

the only thing i hate it´s that my nokia 6230 is not supported by the iSync.

I have a doubt, yesterday i was running photoshop Cs with dreamweaver, and ths bloody lovely machine almost dies!!!!
it wasn´t huge files, just some web optimizing and stuff, it´s due to my 250 from Ram?

MUST i have to upgrade? i mean it is a MUST?

the processor is a 1.4


I have a mini mac now and its great, no probs whatsoever use it mainly for web stuff and have no probs but then i am using 512MB Ram so the answer to ur question would be that yes you do need that extra lot,i dont know if u have read any reviews on the mini but every one i have read says that it is an absolute must hope that solves ur issue

thanks dude,
i think that my bank account will suffer another robbery for about 150 bucks, not to mention the Tiger update.... :rolleyes:

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