Does anybody know if Windows Vista will have multiple desktops like KDE, and GNOME for linux systems? I am glad that Microsoft FINALLY got the idea and included tabbed browsing in IE (about time). Windows would be so much better with this feature. I use it all the time in Linux and FreeBSD.

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I think it has been talked about, but i dont know if it is still in the "official" release. Now that it has been delayed more, i dont know what they have changed.

I hope that MS will include it in the latest release. I mean they have to do something to make it impressive enough so the user will say "this was really worth the long wait".

There's been an XP PowerToy that has been doing this for the longest time (downloadable off of so it would make sense to include it as a feature in Vista.

Yeah, I remember that powertoy. But it was rather slow and buggy. For people searching for a free utility that makes multiple desktops possible, I usually recomend Virtual Dimension (opensource). However, I still hope that this is included as part of Vista.

Heh enlighten the troll.

By multiple desktops, do ya mean where ya have multiple monitors attached to the same computer, and the mouse can go between either screen and such?


nah, of course it will support multiple physical monitors, but we are discussing whether or not it will support multiple virtual monitors like most linux distros currently do. Actually my graphics card (nvidia) has a program in it called nview that allows you do this and it works pretty well.

Ahh, got it.

Thanks :)

Multiple monitors have been supported by windows for quite a while now (I think they were even supported as early as 98). Vista will defenitely support them. Virtual desktops is a whole different story.

I heard of nview, but never used it. Currently I am using an opensource software called Virtual Dimension (works well). However, I would much rather see this as a feature of Vista, rather then having to run third party software.

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