Jon Jacobs has spent $100,000 on his own Virtual Nightclub, within Online Role-Playing game "Project Entropia". The winning bid for the space station he plans to use is currently being built within the game.

Project Entropia, is a virtual world, with 236,000 players, who convert real cash to in-game dollars, to be spent in the virtual economy. Jon, aka Neverdie, will no doubt be looking to cash in on his purchase by charging for live shows.

"I'm already in talks with some of the worlds biggest DJs about spinning live sets inside the nightclub,"

"Gamers want to be entertained while they play, hunt, socialise and craft, and because of the real cash economy aspects of Project Entropia, they can afford to pay for their entertainment."

"I truly think that this will be the decade that gaming and virtual reality changes the face of popular culture," said Neverdie.