I'm currently go to school for computer-networking and was wondering what would be a good B.S. program to get into when I'm done. What options are out there and has anyone started off from this route?And where did you go with it.

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It really depends on what you want to do. What associates degree are you getting and from where? Do you want a desk job, or a field job. Do you want to work in the corporate sector, R&D, or acadamia?


I think that a field or a desk job would suit me just fine but to be frank I'm not really sure as of yet I'm relatively new to this field. I'm currently going to a technical college in WI for computer netwoking if you missed it.

Once again thanks for the adv :o


A great way to get your feet wet in IT is by consulting. You get a lot of valuable experience at different types of companies. You'll find that every company does things a little different and you'll learn a lot from the people you work with. You might want to consider taking a year off after getting your AS and work for a consulting firm to see what you like and don't like. Try a firm that does everything from helpdesk, enterprise level support, networking, systems analysis, and development. That way you might be able to talk to the different areas and see what they really do. Afterall, what they say in textbooks usually doesn't happen all that much in the real world.

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