Hi to all!!!!

My name is Joel. I am a SAHM of two girls. We live in Southern Orange County, where it is cloudy and cold :sad: I have to say that I'm a little nervous. This is my first "computer" community I've ever joined. I'm not very computer savy nor do I know much of the lingo.

I stumbled across it thru Google looking for an answer to my IE problem :sad: and it looks like I found the perfect place.

Thanks for letting such a "novice" join your community :) I wanted to make sure I said a quick "hi" before I make my way to the "I'm ready to throw my computer out the window" area :lol:

Have A GREAT Evening Everyone!!!

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Welcome Joel. There is no need to be nervous. Everyone is here to learn or to help. There are no stupid questions, so if you want to know what some things mean, just ask and members will happily answer. See you around.



Hey Joel! Welcome to DaniWeb. I hope you find the site useful and find everything that you're looking for. Incidently, what does SAHM mean?


Stay-At-Home-Mom (that's what it means to me anyway :) )

Welcome Joel :D

Not many people are going to believe you when you say it's cloudly and cold in CA, lol.


Welcome jksmithey, you won´t be a novice for long because you joined us. You say it´s cloudy and cold but not raining, I notice. Everybody knows INRISC...:lol:


Thanks so much for the warm welcome!!!!! I truly appreciate it :D You all are just too kind!!!

We actually did get alittle rain last night and this morning. It was lookin kinda gloomy :sad: I was getting a little worried. But right now, the sun is out, the sky is blue and we're lookin forward to more of the same.

I was reading over in the "virus" area yesterday.......boy do I feel completely lame -lol- Totally in over my head :o I dont know exactly how to word my problem without it being a "novel' -lol- Any pointers????

Thanks again for the warm welcome :)


The more information that you provide us related to your question, the easier it is for us to diagnose. If you think you're having a problem with virus or spyware, read over the sticky readme in the Viruses forum about how to include a HijackThis log. At the same time, be sure to keep your post consise, because no one wants to read an essay for you - they may just move onto the next thread without bothering.

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