I do not have much experience in programming and I am about to start my preparations for the MCSD. NET certifications. The training provider companies’ give a pass guarantee, but I am confused which one should I opt for. Can anyone has experience with these training products. Please help me.

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Suggest you take courses in remedial spelling and english.

Don't listen to kosmoe, Kennedy. We're really a friendly group here ;) Welcome to DaniWeb, and I wish you much luck in your efforts. I was actually planning on going for my MCSD after I finished college, but I'm not so sure I still want to do that. I'm not so sure it's a degree for the faint of heart, and I certainly wouldn't attempt it if you're a beginner to programming. Have you had a chance to check out our .NET forum yet? Unfortunately I never took the time to look into certification study guides, so I don't think I can offer much assistance here. :(

OOPS, Sorry, i forgot this was where we don't tell the truth. Just seemed like a waste of precious bandwidth to me.

I am new in this forum. I am pursuing CIW certification. I do not know much about training provider companies’. Have you hard about simulation test? My experience says for effective and efficient learning in a less time, simulation exam is the best option. So go for simulation exams. There are lots of sites that provide you simulation test, you can search it also on www.google.com. Currently I am using simulation exam from www.ucertify.com that is excellent. I have no idea how it is for MCSD. NET certification. In my opinion fist download free exam.
Best of luck

yes you can, go ahead.

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