Iam am a newbie to just about everything. I just returned to school a little over a year ago, (it's been 18 Years). I' wrapping up my pre req. and have taking a couple of core classes, didn't think I was doing so bad until I started my programming class. I am so out of my league. I only have 3.5 weeks left and I doubt I'm going t raise it from an F to even a D. SO ere I am reaching out to people that I feel if I pay close enough attention, I just might learn something. I take my courses on line so I spend a great amount of time on here.
A little bit more about me..I love to crochet,read,baby my yorkie,bake,and learn new things. I am very shy in person(until you get to know me) AND i AM SCARED TO DEATH OF MY WEBCAM, (CONSTANTLY MAKING SURE IT IS NOT ON). I just started to learn about computers and I'm terriffied that it might get infected. Well thats enough (if you haven't stopped reading by now) Oh yeah when I decided that I wanted to major in IT, I didn't realize what a large field of study it really is!:-O

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Cute avatar! Welcome to join this big family! Look forward to hearing more from and about you.

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