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I hear the terms used interchangeably, they have no difference in meaning to me except that geek seems a little stronger since nerd is used more often. A nerd could also be anyone I suppose, whereas a geek is typically someone whose hobbies & life 100% revolves around geeky/nerdy activities. But again, I'm sure someone else will tell me that the definition is the opposite...


I agree. I thought geek was a stronger term, but was used in the context that they know more about a select topic. Whereas nerd just meant somewhat geeky in many areas and no social skills. Geeks can have social skills, but they have a passion for a subject that most find boring or confusing makes them stand out. Like "that guys a computer geek" has a special meaning, where "that guys a nerd" just is a blanket term.

It's like nerd is the superclass and geek is a subclass that inherits all the properties of nerd. So basically all geeks are nerds, but not all nerds are geeks.

and as you can probably tell, i've been called both terms.


I've never been called a geek to my face, only a nerd. . and only a nerd by my friends (actually maybe acquaintances also). But most of my habits aren't particularly nerdy. Even video games these days are not limited to nerds by any means.

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