I just designed a CD label and rear cover in Nero Cover Designer (version 6, or something like that). I did the front cover in MS Home Publishing. Now I need to print. I have CD Stomper labels, plus some Staples labels, but when I look for the appropriate template to use to print in Nero, they don't have a choice for Staples or CD stomper. I tried to print the label using a similar template, but it didn't come out too well. Thought that most of those labels were interchangeable, but maybe not. So now I'm having trouble printing the labels I created in Nero to the Staples and CD Stomper supplies. I tried to load the CD stomper software on my pc, thinking maybe I could save the Nero designs to their software (or if worst came to worst, re-do them) but I don't think the software actually loaded. There's an icon but nothing happens when I click on it. I also loaded the Staples software, but got frustrated, since it seemed very user unfriendly and I couldn't seem to do what I needed to do with it. UGH! I was hoping I could just cut and paste my designs to another program, but so far have been stymied. Also, I don't know how to save a cover I created in MS Home Pub as a JPEG or something I can use to transfer to labeling software. Any ideas?

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Hi roothy123, welcome to DaniWeb :D

You would probably get some responses to this if you posted it elsewhere (like the Windows Software forum, or even the Geek's Lounge), since this particular forum is supposed to be for introductions.

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