Hello everyone. My name is Huw Collingbourne. If you live in the UK and read magazines such as PC Plus or PC Pro, maybe you already know me...? :)

I've written the Delphi programming column for PC Plus for the last ten years; the C# column for the last 3 years and, before that, the Java column (with occasional forays into C++, VB and other languages such as Smalltalk). I quit writing for PC Plus last year and now write programming features for a rival magazine, PC Pro.

Apart from that, I've written the column, Rants and Raves, since the late '80s - first for Computer Shopper, later for PC Plus and now online at << url snipped >> with a blog at << url snipped >>

The really big project for me at the moment, though, is launching a free online technical computer mgazine, Bitwise, which 'goes live' on June 1st. This will have coverage of C#, VB, Delphi, Smalltalk, Chrome and more.... there's a bit of pre-launch info on site now at << url snipped >> but all the features will be added in June. I hope you'll find it of interest?

Anyway, I also hope I may be able to contribute something of interest to your community here!

best wishes

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Just to bring you up to date, the first issue of Bitwise has just gone online: << url snipped >>. It has been a long, hard slog to get this far and I would sincerely appreciate any feedback or ideas about features (including language tutorials, reviews etc.) which people would like to see in future.

For your information, the first issue contains articles on the following:
C# - serialization
VB - serial comms
Delphi - writing a screen grab utility
Delphi + ECO - programming a blog
Smalltalk - a beginner's tutorial
Chrome - object Pascal for VS .NET
plus: DVD burning, astronomy software, learning (human) languages on the web, book reviews, columns, etc. etc.

The content will be updated monthly with more tutorials, commentary, interviews and so on. I hope you may find something of interest.... ;)

best wishes


Hello there! I'd like to welcome to DaniWeb. Unfortunately I had to snip your URLs out of your post because, per our forum-specific announcements, we don't allow any mentioning of websites or site URLs in this forum.

The idea here is for new members to introduce themselves to the community - and not be a quick way for new members to promote their website to our audience right off the bat. There will be plenty of time later for that ;) We just ask that you contribute ten posts to our community first. Then you can post in our Site Reviews forum, webmaster marketplace, etc. Thanks for understanding!

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