I understand the idea but I want to know what to learn to develop for the could thing...
Could you suggest anything?(I already know):

From advanced to novice:

Would any of those help me ?
Could you send my useful links to information?
Is this Could idea used in the market?

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Thanks, but do you have more answers the my specific questions?

Personally I'd go for C#, but it also depends on the cloud platform you want to use. For example, see a demo on how to start with Windows Azure here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/dd327648.aspx

I recently read that PHP will also be supported on a specific cloud platform, but can't remember which one.

And yes, clouds are definitely used in the market, especially in heavy duty calculations (weather forecast, biology).

Thanks for the message.
Do I have to have IIS in order for developing with C#?

Java is there too. Amazon EC2 for start

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