GOD HELP - extreme urgent help needed

i am so so happy to have found this site...but am unable to download anything...

as far as use of computer goes...i am a very very normal user...i can surf net and check emails...
can someone help me in using bittorrent to download a movie/song?????????????

i read FAQ many times...but seems its not going into my head at all...can someone be kind enough to write steps in very simple language (as simple as possible) for almost a fool like me to understand...

plz assume i am a complete dumbo and still want to download (and plz dont say that i will not be able to download for being dumbo, plz help guys)

again i can request and hope that some good soul or angel will come to this poor man's rescue...

waiting for a reply anxiously...

best regards,

and thanks millions and tonnes in advance...this is a very very nice forum...

i wish i could have found this a year back....(and wonder now are there more forums like this on net???????)

most sincerely,


bktek (at) sify (dot) com

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