Sorry for the "urgent" topic, but I've got a real problem.

I have a Fujitsu Amilo L 1300 laptop and during BIOS flashing it Windows hung. Now I have a half-updated BIOS, ie the machine won't even start; no POST, no keyboard response, nothing!

Is there a BIOS reset jumper ont the motherboard? Is there a special keypress I can use to set the BIOS values back to default?

Lot's of thanks to anyone who can help..... :D


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bring in to service it about $75 to $150 dollars to reflash bios need special equiment to do so not a removedable bios chip.

If u have a friend that has a computer with internet connection, then u can just take a disc...floppy....format it and make it bootable. Go online and download the appropriate bios update and flash utility for the bios manufacturer, download to computer then setup the bootable floppy with the flash utility and bios(ROM file). All motherboard sites have instructions on how u can flash the bios.

Wrong, trucker dude. Can't boot from a floppy when the 'pooter won't POST

Wrong, trucker dude. Can't boot from a floppy when the 'pooter won't POST

so whats the best way round it then. my friend wants to update her bios but is worried about messing it up. i want to show her this thread so she knows that shes not the only one but i want her to know what she can do if everything does go pear shaped.:)

If you get a power interruption whilst flashing the BIOS (that's the predominant reason for it going kaput) all you can do is send the machine in for repairs. You can't fix it yourself. When the updating process is interrupted the system won't POST and there's nothing you can do about it!

* Don't use Windows tools to flash BIOS from within Windows. That eliminates Windows problems from interfering.

* Don't use internet based 'automatic update' thingies for BIOS updates. You don't even NEED to update unless there's a problem that the new BIOS version is specifically designed to fix.

* Always flash BIOS from either a bootable floppy and DOS or from a bootable CD and DOS.

* Never flash BIOS unless you absolutely have to.

Good points Catweazle, but sometimes there ARE ways around it (even though you have to have some technical knowledge):-

-Sometimes there is a BIOS reset jumper on the motherboard which can be used to reset it back to factory defaults.
-Sometimes the removal of the 'button cell' for a couple of days with the power disconnected will reset the BIOS.
-In older PC's the BIOS chip itself can be pulled out of it's socket on the motherboard (but beware because they tend to be VERY firmly seated and likely to break when attempting removal!).

Unfortunately...........no such luck on my Amilo laptop....back to Fujitsu it went :(


AmiloProblem, resetting CMOS does NOT correct the problems caused by an incorrectly flashed BIOS. It will correct problemmatic setting changes, but not a partially loaded BIOS data file.

What Catweazle said.

(Think I must have been back from the pub not to have noticed what I was writing :) )


Even though this is dated, I want to add that I've been told by the local techs that messing up a Flash can irrepairably fry your motherboard, and that's why I have concern over it. I was informed it takes about 20 minutes and the charge for a tech (HERE) to do it is around $40 I think
Something to also discuss I think is letting a pro do it, typical charge, and if the above is a myth set out to get you to pay for the service? I also find it hard from the site references to tell which BIOS version or company is best... The sites I visited are specific to the BookPC BKS630e, like ECS, PCChips, and StormIT

It WON'T "fry" your motherboard. That's one term I HATE when techs use. It will make the board unusable until the EEPROM is reprogrammed. If it's not replaceable/reprogrammable, then yes, the board is unusable. I reserve the word "fry" for when I cover chicken/pork/beef with flour, and then place said meat in boiling oil. It's a useless term for anything computer-related.

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