sorry im not trading anything just figured this was the best place for it.
I want to know if this sounds like a fair deal or not i will be offering a Lenovo n100 3000 fully functional and all parts and accessories with 1gb ram and 60gb Hard drive for a Toshiba Satellite m505-s4940 has 20gb hard drive and 2gb ram no recovery disks or charger and is password protected guy doesn't know it ill be buying a new 2.5" sata drive for it as i cant work with only 20gb and a new copy of vista or maybe windows 7 sound like a even trade or am i losing out/gaining?
once again im sorry if im in the wrong spot

Re: good deal or bad 80 80

Well that depends are you willing to call toshiba and have them send you recovery disks. i have a set of Win 7 recovery disks that i had to use. did he password protect the BIOS or the hard drive. just wondering. if it's the BIOS then that's an easy fix. not bios not-so easy. If you are willing to suffice with a dud hard drive. then you have a deal. it's not that bad if you have the right resources. any more info; just reply back. I also have the complete install CD's for Mac OS X ( Panther) Intrested let me know.

Carl Beebe

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