Glad you appreciated my post :] There's one other open source RDBMS that's been making a bit of a buzz - Firebird which is over at

Now I haven't had the opportunity to try this one first hand (the FreeBSD ports version was acting up) but have heard good things about it. Might be something to check out if you get the spare time.

Aaron Holmes
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I just read about this. New free enterprise db server that has many features that other free dbs don't offer. It's compatible with a lot of OS's. Definitely something to try out.


It will be a cold day in hell the day I turn to the other side of the force. :P

ROFLMBO! actually, i'm in COMPLETE agreement! ;D

I just have to chuckle ;)

Hi all,
Just noticed the mention of SAPdb and figured I's throw in my 2 cents...
SAPdb is really only an enterprise level software package, the learning curve is extremely high, the documentation is lacking and the community/developer support just isn't there. I had to test and implement SAPdb for a company that I work for and am writing from hands on experience. I would advise using PostgreSQL as an alternative to mySQL if more advanced features are needed.. or you could just wait for mySQL 4+

For a link of my research you can view:

Thanks for your time,
Aaron Holmes

Good feedback. Thanks! I wasn't sure about it. If it came to a commercial solution, and cost was a strong issue, I'd only consider MySQL or PostgreSQL. Of course I'd rather prefer Oracle or SQL Server, but those are just a tad costly. ;)

Do you know of any other good database servers? If you do, do share. Thanks again.