I am going crazy trying to find an interesting topic for my research which mainly involve society and software development or business and software development, in simple words I am required to do a research on how does the development of software(Technology) affect society/organization/businesses, and I have to focus on the negative impact of these factors, what is missing, what is being done wrong, the gap between technology and society/business/organization and what could be done to fill the gap/void, or the issues between the 2, I have to submit a problem statement or research problem soon, any help even if you think it wont be relevant, it might help me to be on my feet

Thank you in advance

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I think your own inaptitude of finding something to write about is a very good thing to write about.
It's after all endemic in youngsters posting questions to these (and other) software development forums, showing a total lack of interest in original (or indeed any) thinking on the part of a large proportion of those of an age where they're in school or even university.

Is this caused by their upbringing where they never had to do anything before?
Is it caused by "the internet" always having given them whatever information they want on a silver platter before?
Is it because they can't think for themselves because their brains have been turned to mush playing too many computer games (a popular explanation of parents who themselves can't be bothered to look after their kids)?

Interesting speech Jwenting but I dont think thats relevant to what Im looking for.... Thanks anyway

Thanks Salem I am gona check the website, Im sure I will find something, its not an easy task though, I am a developer by nature not an investigator or Researcher really, but we can only learn to adapt

you can find more in google about ur topic...

commented: You can find how to spell "you're" in Google as well. +0
commented: Ezz probably meant "your" :D +0

While you're googling, google for satire.

im ahvren trublesz givien advics ?? but i dink dat u shud google!!!!

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