Hello. I am headed back to school this fall to work on getting my bachelors in computer science. In the meantime, I wanted to get my A+ Certification. I am seeking advice on what to study and practice. In addition, should I take an A+ Certification course at a local community college or just work on self study? If I set my mind to it, I know I could do the self study and save money, but I might gain more insight in the actual course. Also, if I do the self study, are there any good books to use? What about good online resources? Thank you all for any help and tips you can provide.

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Don't get an A+ certification unless you're going to use it somehow between the time you get it and the time you get your bachelors in computer science.

It is supposedly trivially easy to get, so don't spend any money on a course.

Thank you...and I plan to try and use the certification to get a job working with computers. Right now I don't really have any qualifications for any computer related job and I figured that might help me. Not to mention the learning experience would be good as well.

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