please check it out and if you like it spread the word

Looks great!

One thing though, I do believe the colors need some changing.

ok then what do you suggest im all about the people

ive changed the colors have a look and remember ill do what ever colors categories you think will benifit the site

You're still lacking in the color area. Everything else is good. Once you get the right colors down, your site will be just as good as anyone elses. I too have a problem in selecting colors. I have to consult others on the colors of my programs.

Anyways, take a look around at some other forums and their colors schemes. Keep playing around with yours and post back when you've changed it, and I will let you know what I think. Later if I have time I will give you some ideas on the colors to use...If I have any!

ive changed the colors again but remember keep telling me wether its good or not so i can get it just right

That looks MUCH better. The only thing I can see so far is the blue text color. I'm not sure what you could change it to---possible a white? play around with it.

Other than that, I think it looks great.

thxs ive changed it to a new color so have a look and tell me what you think

That's excellent! Leave it just like it is now. You've got the perfect colors picked as of now.

wahoooooooo finally thank you

Okay! Enough of this.

broad, if you click on the 'Site Management' link at left of page you'll find an entire Forum sub-section devoted to "Building an Online Community" . There are many topics in it and you would do well to read through them to get ideas about building your forum.

Repeatedly posting here asking people if they like it and asking them to join is a bit over the top. Links advertising your site aren't permitted here except in your forum sig, as far as I'm aware, and the practice of 'poaching' members from another forum is, in my view, a rather rude one! Imagine how you'd feel if your forum was growing in membership and someone started posting there and 'pinching' your members!

Topic closed. Please keep website review requests and discussion about building your online forum community in the appropriate place.