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on a scale of 1-10, how good a singer justin bieber is.

1 being like a cat dieing, 10 being like an angel.

i is new:icon_evil:

hes 10 baby


I wouldn't even give him one, having had the misfortune to have heard some of his output escaping from the bedroom of my 10 year old daughter (pretty much the exact target market I imagine).

But, that said, there is no denying he is popular. I posted a news story last night which reveals that Justin Bieber has overtaken Lady Gaga to have the most viewed YouTube video of all time with his 'Baby' song.

If you are not quite interested enough to click the link and read the full story, the Bieber video had been watched a staggering 247,991,181 at the time of writing, which was less than 12 hours ago.


Who the hell is this person??
What the hell are you doing posting news stories about a prepubescent wannabe?

I see - it has a tenuous link with IT - something to do with yousuck.

Tell him that you're his number one fan and send him a photo of yourself. Bet he'll keep a low profile for a while!


I am female and, therefore, a part of the group he targets. And yet, I can't stand him. I would give him a negative 3 because, yes, I would rather listen to the dying cat.


I'd give him 0. So incredibly annoying he keeps popping up everywhere. I wish Canada could disown him, our number 1 export is annoying awful singers.

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