Hi People.

I'm Iain (not Lain, Iain as in Ian (but scottish spelling). I just can't tell you how often people phone up asking for Lain (as if, have you ever met anyone called Lain!!!?). Meanwhile, to all you Lain's out there, Howdy!

60 year old guy from UK. Been around the web since 1992 (the internet since 1980) when we ran it on 14400 baud modems and it was nothing more than a list of lists that ran on a browser called Mosiac and few people thought it would amount to anything much. Not me I hesitate to mention as I'd been using an application on Apple Macs called Hyper<something> and thought markup languages were really useful.

So, for a while there, I made a good living out of being one of the web pioneers, my first actual live web site (for a company called IPAS in London) got a 1/2 page review in the London Financial Times. It was ghastly, but worked - just!

Most of my early clients went bust when the bubble burst and Y2K isuues. Yes, Y2K was a real problem and for those of you too young to remember COBOL the hype, or at least some of it, was a genuine issue.

So I gave it all up and took an interest in things not technological - liked sailing a lot - another world.

Now I've returned (being very broke) I find that I'm hopelessly 'out of date' with web technologies and even many of the newer concepts.

I live next to the sea in Brighton on the south coast of England. Spend a fair amount of each summer in either France or Italy laying next to friend's swimming pools (or in them) - not the owner of a boat any longer, sadly.

Live with my long term partner Gary - being gay in Brighton is almost mandatory hehe.

Hope to meet some of you people online and pick your brains.


Must be a good day for crazy old men to be surfing the net, I'm new here too. Glad to see I'm not the oldest one around here. Yes I remember when the command "dir" would result in cup of coffee and a smoke.

HI Lain, welcome to the forum. Have a great stay!