I just bought a Maxtor Maxline III 250 GB SATA-II 300 HD to put in my Sapphire PURE Crossfire motherboard, and even though BIOS detects it, the operating system when I try to install Windows, does not.

Now I've tried several things:

Frist I ran Maxtor's diagnostics program powerMax, which didn't find a harddrive either.

Then I made a boot disc with MaxBlast, which sure enough detected the harddrive, but still nothing happened in Windows Installation.

Then I copied the ATI Raid drivers from my Motherboard Bundle Disc to a floppy and pressed F6 during Windows installation and now it tells me it can't read the floppy because it doesn't recognize the "file-system" or something like that?

I'm just at a loss...I've been struggling all day.

Any advice would be a godsend!

It's worth noting that I own two other harddrives. A Seagate and a Maxtor, and while I can run Windows fine on the Maxtor disk, if I try to delete the partition it doesn't recognize the harddrive either.

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please list specs of motherboard

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please list specs of motherboard

Make sure that the jumper on the hdd is set to cable select, master or slave, and that its position is activated in the bios. Try a different ide cable, in some rare instances the pc wont detect the hdd so you have to set jumper to slave and put cd drive in master position and it detects for some reason. One sure fire way is plugging the hdd into a different pc that detects it and format/partition optional and then put it back in the one thats being a POS for no reason and try it.

Also rare, try a bios flash and if the bios detects it put not the windows installation disk then download Opensuse or Ubuntu Linux Distro .iso and format/partition with that disk, then put windows back in it should work. If none of that works than i would have to see it to help you. good luck

My Desktop Bios had detected Hard Disc. I have try to install the XP Operating system. I have select the CD Boot completed default drivers after that start the windows than system not take hard disc. while that time keyboard and mouse are not working. what can i do?

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