Okay, I have this CRAZY issue. I bough a new MacBook Pro 13inch last week (With Snow Leopard) and figured I'd transfer my data from my older iMac (With normal Leopard) using Migration Assistant. Perhaps that was dumb,.. I don't know.

Everything went fine, it took about 18 hours I think, but I was surprised to find my new MacBook had all of my iMac's applications. It even transferred MS Office 08 and Photoshop, which I had installed in my iMac! I was thrilled.
I started using my MacBook and haven't used my iMac since, although I still want to use it for photo/video editing and all. This MacBook I mainly use for writing.
So, these last few days I just used my MacBook, edited a few documents, etc.

Now, I just got a software update notification from Apple. I don't recall it anymore, some security thing. So I installed it and when the device restarted ... I suddenly found an exact copy of my iMac on it! It's like it changed everything back! Needless to say I quickly checked my edited documents ... but found they were also previous versions! The versions as they are on my iMac! The work I did the last couple of days on my MaBook and saved... is nowhere to be found. What the ... ! :@

Did I do something wrong? Should I not have transferred my things if I want to keep using both machines separately from each other?

It looks like they're somehow linked now, as my HD icon on my MacBook desktop has the password from my iMac....

WHAT HAPPENED? And how do I fix this so I can just use my Mac's separately from each other without any overwriting issues? Do I have to reset the MacBook and just start over? :|


Okay, I think it seems to had something to do with my account settings that I had set in Preferences. I'm sorry guys, I'm no Mac Expert... and I just freaked out when I noticed my files were gone... It seems when restarting it, it chose my iMac account without asking me.
So when I logged that off and logged on again with my MacBook profile... I got my files back Now only how to set it so it doesn't log on with my iMac anymore...

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