Hi Guys,
I have a 775 Motherboard and Intel 3.00 Duel processor. As many of you are aware, the processor heatsink has four legs which you have to press into the four holes in the motheboard. I have tried this with two heatsinks and the blooming legs just keep popping out again. At the moment, I have the pc lying on its side, [ heatsink still loose ] . If I stand it up, the heatsink will just fall away from the processor. Is there anyway, I can attach the heatsink to the motherboard without using the press in legs to do so. I have just about reached the end of my tether with this one. I think in all my years [ 65 ] buying a 775 motherboard was the worst decision I ever made,lol. Ah well, we do learn the hard way. I digress, sorry. Any idias Guys.



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Can you use something like this?
Are you using the stock heatsink?

Thank you Crunchie. I think your idea is brill. In the meantime I have bent the plastic pluige under the MB so that they are more tighter. But this may only be a tempery measure, until I get that Socket 775 Adapter /Bracket /Clip /Mount.
Cheers again.


I wrestled with the heat sink/fan on my Intel D915GAG Socket 775 Motherboard. I found I had to press quite hard to get the prongs through the MB and then press the center pin to seat the prongs. It took a lot more force than I expected but they finally "clicked" into place.

Hi Guys, my appolegies for not getting back sooner. I gave up with the other heatsink and bought a new one on ebay. Surprisingly, it was quite cheap. this one had a back plate and four screws on the heatsink. It went on very easily indeed. So far so good, no probs.

Thanks again for your most helpfull advice.


Glad you got it sorted :).