Hi all,
thanks for reading my post )

My name is Yuriy Horobey, I am developing web for more than 10 years.

There are some same geeks like me arround me, so I am forming my company, registering it and searching for partners.

What do we offer?

-- Full cycle of project development.
-- Technology consultations (Sure you can read 'Web super-profi all technologies in 24h for dummies'. Really, -- who needs 5 years of University and 10 years of practice??)
-- Single point of contact (me)
-- Flexible and suitable (for you!) working hours of our team. (You even do not need to know what is ours timezone /*Well, for those curious -- it is GMT +2 which is time in Europe*/)
-- Dedicated team not yet corrupted with 9-17 mindset. (What this means? If we see that we're not meeting tomorrows deadline -- we work 18-19-20 ... 01am-02-03... /*oops = it is weekend? Weekend is when we are on time, budget and quality*/)
--European view. (I love people from everywhere and I know nothing about being racist, but my last project had to deal with overseas database developed and hosted in India. No, you don’t think stuff like I have something against India – it is fantastic very spiritual country, I’m fond, I love this Ratha-yatra, Siva-ratri, Sri-Krishna-janmastami and other festivals. They have unbelievable ancient temples and culture not found anywhere else. But that database killed my believe in possibility to ever understand their logic /*at least from technical point of view*/). So what happens then? Dummy customer having red ‘Every computer science in 24h no-prob for dummies’ goes to freelancer.com or alike, posts project, gets some dozens of bids averaging $5/hour; then gets 3 open source freewares somehow combined into one application (who needs documentation??) then it all falls and the guy returns to USA IT market to find person or company charging something like $50-$100 per hour, thinking there is no other way.
/* Placing order in your home country is patriotic and I am patriot myself. If I have choice I buy products produced in Ukraine, but: */
You know, we have here such a proverb “The truth is in the middle”.
That is right – you can still have US quality for half (sometimes maybe for 1/3rd) of regular price.
Country of such opportunity is Ukraine and I am the one who can make it true for you ;)
(Ah, you’ve already seen those clowns in our parliament? Keep in mind – there is impassable abyss between us and them. There is no connection between my skills, professional culture and them. We nearly have no influence on political stuff in our country; our democracy still is yet to be built. /*and you and your projects can greatly help us to grow ;) */)

Drop me a line to [email snipped] – I can show you samples of code, API documentation, my CV and stuff alike.

Hi Yuriy, nice to meet you :D
Good luck!

wooooopz = sorry forgot that showing email to public is against local rules -- sorry ) never again )