Hey everyone,

I can only think of natural resource companies like BHP, Rio-Tinto, Chevron, etc.

what is a good multinational company to work for that allows you the opportunity to work in different parts of the world?
example is having to be posted to some remote place for project work or support like an Oil Rig, Antartica or Dessert.

I am doing Desktop support so its pretty general and am currently finishing of my M.C.S.E. and some other qualifications.

Are there also any good multinational I.T. recruitment firms?
I came across CXC Global so far.

unless you're the top troubleshooter you're not going to travel much.
And that takes years or decades to accomplish.

"Desktop support" basically means fixing broken office computers, kids like that are a dime a dozen in every country, no need to send some junior to another country to do the work, far cheaper to hire some temp workers locally.

So no, in your job you'll never travel much further than another building in the same city.