Not exactly sure where I would have posted this, maybe in the help wanted section, if there
is one,( sorry I didn't bother looking). But I feel like I should place this post here, because there are some smart people that lurks in these woods.

So I have my first real interview for a computer science internship coming this week.
I'm getting nervous talking about it already. They gave me per interview question that I
have to write about. I am done with it now. But I'm not a very proficient writer. So I need
someone to proofread it. Is there any one here with a strong English background that
can help me proofread it. Its only 1.5 page double spaced. I will not post it here, but
if someone decides to help, then I can send them the email or something.


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I'll take a look at it for you. You can find my email on my homepage, and my homepage on my Daniweb profile (giving spammers a harder time than simply posting it here).


Hey thanks for the offer. I emailed you the paper. Tell me if you get it. Thanks again.

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Well, thanks narue for the offer and consideration. I guess I should have mentioned
that I needed help before today. I will have to send the paper today so thanks.

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