:-| I ve a problem in my Home desktop. This is Emachine. see ive two desktop in my house. Both happen to be E machine. Ive a High speed internet connection which I loop thro Comcast Modem cable (Motorolo), in turn the same is hooked to a Netgear Wireless Router. This router connects the II system vide a USB 400 wireless adapter. everything was fine from April 04 when I bought . Last 10 days in the IInd PC i am unable to open web sites thro internet explorer. I checked up with customer care of Comcast, Netgear and the adaptr manufacturer and understand tht theres no problem in all the three. I investigate further and found out the following:

by taking a list of System information under File versions: the follwoing files are not available.
"iecont.dll" ; "iecontlc.dll" which could restore the internet connections.
That swhy I went thro Googly search and end up co ordinating with u. Im unable to still get th eupload of the above files inspite of me registering with u, haivng opend a user ID and password. Can U guide me to get the upload so tht I can try downloading in my desktop.
Besides,while I was trying to investigate the causes, from ADD or remove programme by msitake remover "internet explorer" from the programme list. although ive restored the same still it is not forming part of "ADD or REMOVE" list.

Hope U can throw some light in resolving the issue.

Tan Q,

Balachandran Natarajan
Atlanta Ga USA

System restore?

Before doing a system restore download the newest IE from microsoft.com then install it. Or see if there are any Windows updates. These could fix your problem. If that doesn't work then use the system restore.

I agree with Dark_Omen. Perhaps you could even look 2 install the newest service pack for XP. This has updated files that might solve your problem.

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