Mellow Greetings all.

It appears we've gone around the room and come to me, at last, so let's see what I can summon:

My name is Luis Andrei Cobo. I'm 37. I'm a self-taught software engineer by day with a background in Classical Composition and Piano. I still compose and play a lot, and perform at times as well. I am recently also on the board of Composers Concordance Records, a non-profit organization dedicated to the exceptional recording of living composers music and will be handling all of their technology needs (including their website).

I've worked in all kinds of companies from small start-ups, to Google, and currently America's largest bank.

I'm an avid movie fan, with a detailed memory for quotes, soundtracks and the like. I collect films I enjoy and currently own a bit over 400.

I love trivia games and scrabble.

I'm single. I have an awesome 13 year old son I spend my weekends with.

Aside from my work with the non-profit record company, I am about to embark on a major journey by composing my first grand opera.

Yet somehow, I still manage to be able to fit in quality time with my 2 cats and blowing through DVD seasons of TV shows I didn't watch when they were on.

Looking forward to being a contributor (and occasional sneak thief) of valuable information on this site!

Be Well!

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Welcome to DaniWeb, hope you enjoy it here :) And for the cats that'd be "Mrrroww mrrrr prrr, hiss Mrrow Puuurrrrrrrr!"

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