Greetings, All.

My name is Marc and currently a student of LBCC. I'm currently taking System Analysis and Design.

I'll be as straightforward as possible, I need to interview an IT Professional who performs requirements modeling activities in system development projects. This isn't much of an interview since I'm just asking any random professional to answer these questions. As I don't really know any at the moment. Two in the family that are ITT Tech graduates, but still doesn't have the experience working in a professional environment.

*I do hope this is quite alright for me to post. If not, I apologize and simply delete this post.*

There are really only three main questions in this 'interview.' The rest are information about the employee.

Here they are:

Job Title:
Company and Location:
Job Responsibilities:
Years of Experience:

Please mention some of your techniques and skills that you employ in your job:

What are the challenges that you are facing or have faced during the stage of the system analysis phase?

Please list at least three tips about conducting a successful requirements analysis:

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Master Rattley? Hm

Well, thank you for trying, anyway. This homework is done and I was able to find an IT Professional.

I have marked this as solved then... Glad you found what you wanted.

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