Hey everybody.
Where do you think we will see 4G devices?
Do you see us having 4G car radio, 4G teddy bears that tell you the weather and time, 4G cameras that upload pictures directly to your albums online?
In the future we can have internet in urban locations...all the way to even the most rural of places.
Where else can you guys imagine seeing 4G in the future?
There are infinite possibilities!!!

4G stands for 4th Generation...yup the wikipedia page, as usual, is a pretty good source :P
Think of all the cool stuff we will be able to do with 4G in the future!!!
Film movies and send them live to dropbox or something and have them available on any computer with your dropbox installed! Wouldn't that be cool?
Or you could have live chat sessions globally...imagine writing with a touch pen to your cousin in Europe and having them able to see the lines as you write them...or live video on the phone (which btw...iPhone 4 is NOT 4G!!! It is a marketing scam to trick consumers lol).
Keep ideas coming!!!

That's no different than what we can do today -- it just does it a bit faster. I already get films sent directly to my TV or computer via NetFlix, watched one just last night and I didn't have to specifically download a thing. Watched the movie as it was streamed to my computer.

No offense but 5 hours ago you did not know what 4G was...you can't make such immediate conclusions. You were able to watch because your house is connected via landlink and possibly local wireless network access in your house. Imagine...4G, entire cities can be a wireless hotspot! From room-sized, to building size, now we can have hotspots covering vast distances. Not only that, but everything will be a lot faster...already Sprint are working with WiMAX technology...
I'm trying to make a list of possible ideas for future applications of 4G...let me know any other thoughts/ideas :)