Hello everyone! I figured I would introduce myself here, where all the other new comers seem to have posted...I hope my making of a new thread for this isn't annoying to anyone. I ran into this site while looking for some answers to a few Java questions I had this past weekend. After reading through some of the posts I decided that this is one of the more intelligent programming-related forums I've come across. So I decided to make an account and join you all. :-D

I have been programming for what seems like half my life...I'm 19 now and will be graduating with my associates in the fall, so I've been doing this for a while. But I still feel like a complete newbie when it comes to a lot of things tech-related. I have been programming in C++ for about 5-6 (or maybe 7-8?) years now, and before that it was BASIC. I started Java last weekend - and will be taking a class in it next semester. As far as scripting goes, I know MEL (there was actually a class at my college that teaches MEL and the Maya C++ API, crazy huh?), Renderman CG stuff, bash, and a little bit of python. Anyway, I figured if I joined a good forum and got to know other programmers I might learn more, and get to meet other people who have similar interests.

Well, you all have a good forum here! See ya around. :)


P.S. I like to type a lot.

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Hi Fredric, welcome to DaniWeb :D

I'm not among them, but there are many programmers here; I'm sure you will be able to learn and, perhaps, help others :)


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