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I wouldn't buy an iPod, so why buy one that's also a cellphone?
And I'd not allow my kids to buy cellphones either, kids don't need them. There's only a small percentage of people who NEED cellphones, rather than thinking they need them or wanting them as some sort of status symbol, and kids are not among those who NEED them (people spending a lot of time on the road for their jobs and need to be in communication are about the only ones who really NEED cellphones).

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banned? ahahahahaha...good for you
you are one of the crab mentality none sense here

iPod and phone mix together to create... a phone that costs to doggone much and will break in the first week. Sounds like something that you toss into the vending machine game.
But, yeah, I agree with jwenting, I would not buy it.


I hate talking on the phone. If there's a way I can avoid it, I'll do it. I don't know why I hate it so much, but I do.


As for me, Ipod is not really a necessity. You can definitely listen to music on your cellphone. I definitely suggest people too buy cellphone for communication purposes.It is definitely a must these days

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i totally agree
Why bump a 5 year old thread to add this pointess information

For those who are tagging me as a spammer, i am sorry but i was not able to check the date of this posts. I was actually enjoying answering forums here. I did not mean for you guys to think that i was spamming. now i know that there should be checked dates on here then I would not dare comment on expired threads. I am new here so please bear with me.

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i agree...let try defying gravity...

I have already bought apple's ipod in green color, it looks very smart and i am happy to have it.

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dont let others pull you down. we are only enjoying the thought of answering the forums here
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