hi Jim here just joined today. 76 years of age have a few health probs. now retired and spend quite a time on internet.
i do some art and play some instruments as hobbies. married to margaret 45 years.
that will do for now.

Well simply put , the reason I am here is a bit foggy, on my 47 year old mind.
Things I'm thankful for is my Wife Hollie and a very fulfilling Creator as a machinist.
Ya I make things.
Mastercam and web site manipulation.
I need a solution to a issue ,

I want to share a file server with a lan connected box, and program called Mastercam , the default save directory wants to be the location of the shared file.

The twist is the fact the file exists is a password.

the password is the file.

Please advize as IM plase,

hi AOYB, nice to meet you, afraid i cant offer much help to your problem. I can use cam etc buit dont get too technical.
keep in touch

Welcome to all the nebies at Daniweb.:)

Comes to show that age has nothing to do with typing and clicking away...;)