Lets talk about the best SEO tools available in the market.
The tools which contain kit for SEO plus it has ppc campaign builder also.
Share your experience.
It will be useful for all newbie and pros.


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I think you got your answer, SEOBOOK's Tools are great.

Yes thanks for all your reply.. :)

My favorites are the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Wordtracker Keyword Questions Tool, the tools at Domain Superstar (my site) for finding keyword domain names, the tools at SEO Moz, and the tools at SEO Book.

You can also use Google analytics tools to keep track on generated traffic and monitor your site performance.

Similar to Google Analytic, there is one more free website statistics tool called Statcounter. It provides a detailed report of your website. Its totally free and don't force you to put a banner or logo on your site in return.

The Seobook website is really good in helping beginners learn seo. Also I would recommend, they are a great organization for learning seo, and they have tons of seo tools. If you are looking for keywords, look up the google keyword tool, it will help a lot to determine which keywords are most beneficial to your website. The website is also very good in analyzing your site and giving you and idea how your seo is doing. Google Analytics is also very good for the seo of your site. Hope this helps.

Yes,seobook is a good site about seo,but i just use several google tool to search.

My favorite SEO tools are keyword rank checker and alexa site analysis, and backlink checker. How about the others?

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SEO Chat also offers all kinds of SEO tools and are useful as well.


SEOTools is great
Market Samurai is something I really like - one time cost of maybe $150.

Microsoft Excel!

I don't prefer any automated tools for SEO, but I used tools available in SEOCHAT dot com..

One of the best tools for working out hiw your SEO work is progressing is Web Site CEO .

I use keyword elite and seo elite. Of course, seobook and soemoz are both nice places for seoers to go. :)

market samurai is my favorite tool.. definitely worth a lot to buy it

Take a look at:

- w3optimizer
- google analytics
- adwords (google)

an easy method to gather data about the seo and/or smo is by using one could also download the gathered results in pdf form for later usage.

what is Seo future in google?

Use Google keywords tool to find out which keywords you should focus on.

In my opinion the google analytic tool is very important seo tool.With the help of the google analytic you can get the more information of your site regarding seo point of view.

currently I also use seobook

The best seo tools which I use are Google analytics, Google adwords and nofollow add-on.

All google tools are best in seo and most of are free providing a google.

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