Iam doing bachelor in software engineering & now in my third year.i have to decide my degree project but finding no direction of exactly searching the project according to my capabilities.Iam good in software designing like subjects and little bit weak in programming.Can anyone suggest me the right area of software engineering in which i would easily do my project.Please suggest as you all are professionals here and can help me out.Waiting for replyy.....

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Hi learner_1, everyone might have different answers to the question you are asking now.
In my opinion you should go step-by-step.First you need to decide that what kind of project do you want to make like any website,software or any other utility program.
You said that you're good in software designing so that's a great news because you can design cool and great website and software stuffs that will attract users but for that you need to start a project on your own in any programming language like c,C++,C#,Java etc.At least give it a try and you will find that you are learning programming more quickly and easily than you've ever learned.

Try and Win.

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