i made these in a 3d program and in photoshop




hella kewl...yous got skills

Nice 3D artwork. I used to do some work in 3D, mostly in trueSpace 2, to enhance my drawings. I sort of lost interest in 3D though. The only thing I'm doing nowadays is regular pencil drawings, which I've always been a fan of. I love pencils. ^_^

Here's an iguana I drew in pencil and modified in photoshop/trueSpace:

Here's an outline of a spawn drawing:

Here's that same outline detailed in pencil:

Lady and the Tramp done all in color pencils (blue background in photoshop):

Tiger in pencil:

More stuff here if you guys would like to see:

hella wicked.. wait till i get home ill scan my shizt and post it may not be a awesome but it is to me....ILL B BACK