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Facebook, home of the 104 year old Frisbee Queen, would appear to have taken a disliking to large parts of Wales. You know, that rather lovely country which borders England and forms part of the United Kingdom. Wales even has a devolved Government in the Welsh Assembly, something the Welsh fought long and hard to get. No wonder, then, people are more than a little bit annoyed at discovering that Facebook now informs the world they live in England.

It seems that people who live in places such as Cardiff and Swansea, very definitely in Wales, now find Facebook giving their location as Cardiff, England for example.

More than 8000 angry Facebookers have started a protest group to get their profiles changed back to show them as living in Wales, but so far Facebook itself is remaining oddly quiet on the matter. Some Welsh users, so perturbed at being thought of as English have even started choosing other towns with the same name on the other side of the planet such as Cardiff, Australia.

Let's hope they do not try asking questions about their homeland of Wolfram Alpha, the much hyped computational data engine. Ask it what the population of Wales is and it reckons the answer is 5956, using an estimate from 2004. Now I know it is a relatively small part, population-wise, of the United Kingdom but last time I looked it up (which was 10 seconds ago on Google) the actual number of people living there was 2.9 million.