I'm trying to find some work in computers. I know a little about them. I have run into roadblocks because my present schedule is unpermitting. I know I should probably get some sort of certification like A+ or something but I just simply am not able to attend school. I know how to take computers a part, rebuild them, reload them, network them connect them to broadband networking and the likes but I just can't seem to get documented what I know. I have been doing this type of thing since 1997 and I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how maybe I could proceed in this area?

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Do you have any professional experience? Perhaps you did repair work for people over the course of several months or years and received pay for it? Then you can claim to have some sort of professional experience in my opinion.

You really should get a cert because that will get you through the door faster if you are looking for employment. Also, I would suggest one of the Microsoft exams over the A+ exam. One of my friends that had been through a 1 year technical school and had his A+, Network+, and about 6 months experience (internship) was getting blocked. The feedback he was getting from the hiring departments is that if he had a Microsoft cert then they could hire him.

Lastly, if you are having trouble, maybe you should volunteer some time at a place that needs help and start building some experience.


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