Name: Jose
Nickname: LittleNeutrino
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 85 kg
Hair: Dark-Brown
Eyes: bluish-greyish
Location: Good Ol' UK
Age: 49
Hobbies: Music, fitness, physics

Relationship Status: divorced

Fav Music: Jazz, blues, progressive rock

Education: PhD Physics, MS Electrical Engineering, BSc Electronics Engineering

Work: Research

Favorite Food: Mexican.

Favorite Movies: Das Boot, Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory

Why Am I Learning C++: I'm originally from Venezuela, and I'm a political refugee here in the UK. For 18 years I was a professor at an electrical engineering department in a Venezuelan university. Now I am starting over in the UK and I need to become a killer C++ programmer in order to get one of those fancy-paying quant/financial computing jobs...

questions are welcome kids!

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Welcome Mr.Jose :) to DaniWeb,

There are so many nerds here, to help you to become rich with c++ :P

Enjoy :).


There are many people that are pro in C++. If there are any problem go and consult them


Jose you haven't been active this few days, did you heed my advice to be more active?


Hi Royng,

Yes I have heeded your advice: I have an active post in the C++ area: please bear with me as I am in the steep part of the C++ learning curve!

BTW many thanks to all for your warm welcome!




Welcome to daniweb community. Please contribute your own quota. we all need one another.

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