Brief intro (ummm):

- Software developer for +/- 10 years now
- Work with C#, Java, PHP (and others just can't remember them now) and all peripheral markup languages (HTML, XML, XSD etc etc)
- Enjoy collaboration, analysis, solution architecture, solution designs and patterns
- Stickler for quality and maintainability
- Done development for web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications
- HUGE advocate of TDD, SOA, SaaS and agile development methodologies and using the best tool for the job.
- I believe that there has to be at least 101 ways to solve a problem but the best solution is the simplest one.

Why did I join?
Hoping I can help out, enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences
Hoping I can learn new ways to approach and solve problems in the technology realm

Dry humour
(any more and it might sound like I am trying to find a date)

Not going to bother with qualifications or education as I have seen 13 year old developers (hobbyists) kick the snot out of highly qualified developers so I don't believe qualifications hold much weight.

I think that is about it, have a happy day now ...

Hi Welcome,

Hope you have a nice time here and enjoy sharing all your valuable knowledge and experience.

Welcome to daniweb community, Hope we learn a lot from you.
Enjoy your stay.

welcome to daniweb, RabidDog5150