There are many software engineering books in the market and programming instructions on the internet, but I don't see one for helping learners from scratch to be an expert. I figure it would be helpful to potential software engineers by putting my experience in series here on software engineering (web applications) and software design.

Developing web applications is easy once you master the process; designing a software is a much harder job. So I think I can first work on the development part of the series.

This could be a tentative catalog:

1. From UE to ER diagram and database design
2. From business logic to algorithm process and modularization
3. Interface and polymorphism to enable flexibility
4. Asynchronization for performance improvement

Please let me know if this could be helpful to you.

Re: Learn software design and software development from scratch 80 80

Hi.I am new in this thread and want to know about this thread please update more information about this.

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