Hi there,

I am desperately needing help with Bit Torrent. I am getting such slow download speeds about 2k/bps. I have a 1.5MB cable connection. There are 4 of us in the house with a wireless router.

I have read that i need to enable ports 6881 to 6889 - both in my firewall (windows XP) and on my router.

Firewall wise I have tried I have put port 6881 under exceptions in windows firewall section but there is no box to put a range in ie 6881-6889 and this has made no difference anyway.

Router wise - its just a standard wireless router and im not sure how it was setup as a professional did it for us.

i have tried putting cmd into run but nothing comes up in the dos box - just the prompt.

I would really appreciate some advice on this - bear in mind I am a novice tho :-|

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Ok ive just found out that my router is: an origo IEEE 802.11g.

As far as I know.. we do not have an internal network setup as such, we each share the 1.5MB connection and can use the net independently ie. there is no server... but as I say I am a total novice.

Please help me.

I'm afraid that this little excerpt from the Forum rules has to come into play:

do not post anything warez relaetd or related to other illegal acts. This includes tech support troubleshooting pirated software or P2P programs (i.e. Gnutella, Kazaa) used to obtain pirated software.

You'll need to obtain assistance from the Bittorrent website, I'm afraid.

Topic closed.

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