What do you guys think? Are humans usually good or bad? To be trusted or not?

A good example: If you were to leave a box of something (cookies, donuts, soda,
whatever you like (beer? :D)) and left a sign that said: "One dollar each."
Would most people pay for it, or steal it?

I want to see what the chances are of you trusting me (lol, just kidding).

- WolfShield

I am a firm believer that we have a large capacity to do bad.
Anyone with children ever notice that we only have to teach/train them to be good? Doing the wrong thing comes naturally to them :).

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Where I live, the cookies and soda, and the box will be gone, together with everything else in a few seconds!

Personally, will I pay for my cookies and soda? Yes, I will.... almost always... hehe!

We have a breakroom where I work. Occasionally we will have a charity fund drive where people bake cookies etc and put them on a table in the breakroom with a note to pay 50 cents each. At the end of the day all the food is gone and the jar contains lots of money. (There are about 200 employees). I don't know whether anyone took a cookie without paying for it, but most people did pay.

I remember reading the story about a fellow who sold bagels on the honor system in the coffee rooms of a corporate office building in Washington DC. The building had their top managers on the upper floor and 'worker bees' on the lower floor. He discovered that the folks on the top floor were the least honest.

It depends who the money goes to. If I had a dollar I would probably pay but if I didn't... I love cookies.

Kinda funny the poll is 50/50 when I took it cause I think that's how it is. I voted bad bacause I think it's true that bad seems to be quite natural at a young age. But I think for the most part once we are taught to be good we realize it is rewarding and want to be good. I certainly don't like rippin people off cause I believe in karma and have seen it to many times. My step-dad was the type to steal from others, funny part is he was always bitching about gettin ripped off go figure.

I believe people have the ability to be good and unfortunately also the ability to be bad. It depends on which one you feed. Let me explain. There was a little boy who listened to his granddad. The granddad told him about two wolves who fights all the time. The boy asked him which one of the two wins. The granddad looked at him. He said the one you feed the most. Makes you think.

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the one you feed the most.

I quite like the way HjFritz put it.
I think that most people WANT to be good. After all, people want to be happy and
it is harder to be happy when you are doing wrong to others. But I think that
people today are being feed so much hate and wrongdoing that it is what they know.
It is what, in the end, wins out for them.

People who are raised up to be good, are usually good. And the same for bad.
What you are surrounded by, is what you become (that's why you should choose
your friends carefully).

In the end, I think most people want to be happy and be good. And that is what
a lot of people shoot for all of their lives.

- WolfShield