Hey guys I have a quick question for you.

In my place of work we have three shipping computers, SHIP-1, SHIP-2 and SHIP-3.

Normally they all work pretty good. We can access our two servers (FS1 and FS2) and log into Worldship and MAS90. Well as of late we have been having problems with SHIP-2. The above error is what we receive when I try to go to say, the "G:" drive of our network. The G drive is a folder on FS1.

The folder's on FS2 are accessible, however I can't seem to get into FS1 under only the computer SHIP-2. There has been nothing new changed on that computer as of late to make this error appear. Also the username that is utilized works on other computers but not SHIP-2, yet as far as I know it is the only user name that will not work. I tried my account which is an admin account and it works fine to access FS1.

If anyone has any idea what's going on, that would be great.

Thank you!

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Hi Mike

All I can think of, is to check event viewer on Ship-2, and either research the Event ID's through MS, or post them here.

To open event viewer go Start > Run > "eventvwr.msc".

Try to access the G:\ Drive, and note the time. Check for events within the security or system log at that time, specifically any Red Error Messages. The events will have Event ID's.

If you want to search yourself, head to MS Technet


or post them here for us to help. (Please add the PCs and Server Operating System versions).

Regards, David.

Since your are the Administrator or have the Administrator rights, just delete that user account and create new one. Also check for virus or hardware failure on the pc.

Good luck

Sorry for not responding quickly but that is what I ended up doing. They are on our domain and since nothing gets saved in their folders I simply removed them from the User Accts page on the computer and then got rid of their folder so that the next time they logged in it would be like the first time and since other accts of their 'security' level was working on that computer I assumed this to be the right path and it was.

Thanks for those who helped or even thought about it!

Since your are the Administrator or have the Administrator rights, just delete that user account and create new one. Also check for virus or hardware failure on the pc.

Good luck

A mystery user has just appeared on my computer and has created a password both for itself and for me, this creates a problem that I can no longer log onto my own computer, I have since disconnected the computer from the motem thinking that i have just been hacked. Has anybody out there got any idea on what i can do? your help would be appreciated.

You have piggybacked a thread from Jun 16th, 2007. I have no idea what is wrong with your machine but i would guess that you have a virus. Go to Viruses, spyware and other nasties on this site and read about cleaning your PC.
If you still have problems, start a new thread there with a lot more information about your PC. read about, Hijack this, download it and run it and post the log here with your post.

I realize this thread is old. I am commenting only for those who might find it via a search engine..

Disconnecting from the modem as you see above does not solve the root of the problem. If someone has hacked their way in via a modem, then you have the same problems with not being patched or having known passwords, or a weak (or no) firewall.

Don't forget, when you open a pipe, via modem or via Ethernet, it's a two way connection. Always have the needed firewalls in place (EVERY TIME), or your just asking to be hacked.

A research study was done a few years ago (by CNET I think but could be wrong). They connected an unprotected machine via dial up to the internet, and it was discovered and attempts to hack it were made in under 6 minutes.

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