Can any one of you please tell me, What basically the Ethical hacking is? I think it is some where related to online security methodology but how this is doing by professionals in the field of this online security system. If any one is having any idea about this, So most welcome to share here.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Ethical hacking is the practice of penetrating security (usually with the owner's consent) for the purpose of improving it rather than taking advantage of weaknesses for personal gain or malicious reasons.

Hacking is an attempt to breach defenses and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or a private network inside a computer. In simple words, it is the unauthorized access to or control over computer network security systems for some malicious purpose. Hacking means stealing personal or important data for some illegal purpose. Multinational Companies higher Ethical hackers for this purpose so that they can do penetration testing on their systems and look for vulnerabilities so that they can fix them make their networks and systems more secure.

How to Secure Computer and Personal Accounts From Hacking Attempts :

  1. Protect Your Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information
  2. Reinforce access control.
  3. Update everything.
  4. Tighten network security.
  5. Installing a web application firewall.
  6. Install the required security applications.
  7. Back-up frequently.
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